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U.P. Upadhyaya, Editor-in-Chief.
Dr. A. Sriramana Acharya, Hen. Associate Editor.
Dr. Susheela P. Upadhyaya, Asst. Editor.
Sri K. Padmanabha, Asst. Editor.
Sri Padekallu Vishnui Bhat, Asst. Editor.
Sri K. Ashoka Alva, Research Assistant.
Sri H. Keshava, Research Assistant.

The M.G.M College Trust which has sponsored and supported the Project:

Sri K.K. Pai (Chairman)
Sri T. Ramesh U. Pai
Prof. K.S. Haridasa Bhat
Dr. K. Mohandas Pai
Krishna Rao .
Sri T. Mohandas M. Pai
Prof. K. Rama Bhat (Principal)

Editorial Advisory Committee

Prof. Heranje Krishna Bhat (Chairman)

Prof. K.S. Haridas Bhat 
Sri Sediyapu Krishna Bhat
Prof. D. Jaware Gowda
Sri Kayyara Kinhanna Rai
Sri Erya Lakshminarayana Alva
Dr. B.A. Viveka Rai
Sri Amrta Someswara
Dr. A. Sriramana Acharya .
Dr. Ramakrishna T. Shetty .
Sri Veankataraja Puninchattaya
The Director, Kannada and Culture, Govt. of Karnataka
Dr. U.P. Upadhyaya (Editor-in-Chief)

Scholars who served as members of the Advisory Committee during earlier years

Prof. M. Mariappa Bhat
Prof. Tekkunje Gopalakrishna Bhat
Dr. Srinivasa Havanur 

Project Office
Prof. Haridasa Bhat, Editor-in-Chief, Oct. 1979 - Sept. 1981
Dr. U.P. Upadhyaya - Editor-in-Chief, Oct. 1981 -
Dr. A. Shriramana Acharya Professor, Pai Chair, Jan. 1987 -
Dr. Susheela P. Upadhyaya - Asst, Editor, Oct. 1980 M-
Sri K. Padmanabha - Asst. Editor, July 1982 -
Sri A.V. Navada - Asst. Editor, Feb. 1980 - June 1982 _
Sri K.V. Rai - Asst. Editor, March 1980 - March 1983
Sri Jeevarej Shetty - Research Asst., April 1983 - Sept. 1983
Sri A. Shrinatha Asst. Editor, April 1983 - March 1985
Dr. Harikrishna Bharanya - Research Asst., Nov. 1983 - March 1985
Sri K. Ashoka Alva - Research Asst-.,_ Dec. 1985 - May 1988
Sri H. Keshava Research Asst., E)ec. 1985 - March 1988
Sri Padekallu Vishnu Bhat - Asst. Editor, Jan. 1986 ~ Aug. 1987

Office Staff:

Sri B. Krishna Karanth - Manager
Sri Keshava Devadiga - Typist
Sri P. Mahesh Bhat Typist
Sri Ashoka - Attender

Key in a tulu word in English letters (i.e. transliterated tulu words) in the Search box. The Search word can be partial or full.
Examples:   arista for ಅರಿಷ್ಟ;aru kadpuni for ಅರು ಕಡ್ಪುನಿ adigiitu for ಅಡಿಗೀಟ್ addabeeru for ಅಡ್ದಬೇರ್ .. etc. More information on the transliterated English characters to be used are found in Help page. 

Please note out of 6 volumes of Tulu Lexicon only 1 volume is uploaded now, i.e. the Tulu alphabets starting with letters ಅ u, uu, … a, aa, i and
ii are available online. We are continously working to make the other volumes online, phase by phase and it is expected to take another 6 months to upload all the Tulu words.

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