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Welcome to Online Tulu Dictionary

Tulu is one of the important languages belonging to the Dravidian family of languages and spoken by about 1.5 million population in the South Kanara (Dakshina Kannada) district of Karnataka as well as the northern part of the Kasaragod District of Kerala. Though confined to a small area the Tulu speaking community with its distinct socio-cultural traits, religious cults, artistic traditions and theatrical forms has made significant contributions to the cultural heritage of Karnataka and through it to the totality of Indian culture and civilization. Since this language displays certain features of the Central and Northern Dravidian languages and-since it has made certain innovations not noticed in other South Dravidian Languages it is believed that this language branched off from the parent language before other languages of the South Dravidian group came to be developed into well defined independent languages and hence can be considered as the earliest offshoot of the South Dravidian. In a Greek Papyrus- of 2nd Century B.C} known as Chariton, the characters of the Western Coast of Karnataka speak a peculiar language which is now being proved to be Tulu. This also lends support to the historicity of this language. more...

Welcome to Online Tulu Dictionary !!

Key in a tulu word in English letters (i.e. transliterated tulu words) in the Search box. The Search word can be partial or full.
Examples:   arista for ಅರಿಷ್ಟ;aru kadpuni for ಅರು ಕಡ್ಪುನಿ adigiitu for ಅಡಿಗೀಟ್ addabeeru for ಅಡ್ದಬೇರ್ .. etc. More information on the transliterated English characters to be used are found in Help page. 

Please note out of 6 volumes of Tulu Lexicon only 1 volume is uploaded now, i.e. the Tulu alphabets starting with letters ಅ u, uu, … a, aa, i and
ii are available online. We are continously working to make the other volumes online, phase by phase and it is expected to take another 6 months to upload all the Tulu words.

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